Laurie (lilsislaur) wrote in realwrldroadrul,


Who did Chadwick from RR Australia end up like marrying or something in one of the challenges?? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? MTVU is playing that season of RR and its bothering me....Thanks!
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He married Holly. Holly that was on the same season as Theo I think. I don't remember which one it was.
I'm trying to think of wht she looks like....
It was Holly from Road Rules 9, the one with Theo, Msaada, Catherine, Laterrian. She was tall, skinny, a big bitch. I remember her wearing something yellow, crying at some skiing place or something and yelling at the camera to stop taping her. Then she turned into a big Christian, married Chadwick and made it to the top with Theo in Battle of the Seasons.
I wonder if I can google her...its really pissing me off that I can't remember her.

The second one is a better photo. The first one is just of them kissing. Enjoy!

p.s. I'm really bored at work, if you can't tell! I'm searching for photos of Holly from Road Rules 9!
Hahah I was at work too!! I remember who she was now too. I didn't like her....weren't they like Jesus freaks?
Yeah, and then during Battle of the seasons, Chadwick called Emily the devil or something like that for voting him off.