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Hey guys!! I neeeeeed your help! For my speech class I'm doing an informative speech on, you guessed it, THE REAL WORLD! I know, right? Best class ever!! Anyway, I'm finding it really difficult to get information on the history and stuff! MTV.com has a lot of info on the seasons, but I need some more info like when did the real world start? etc etc etc... if you guys could find any helpful links, I'd be forever grateful and owe you my life. Thanks!!!
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hey! i wrote a 8 page paper on the real world. If you need ideas i can help you.

article of how it started from creators site

more background history

about season 1 (i think you got that though)

this talks about real world is the god father of reality television (first 2 quetsions)

I hope this helps you. When i did my paper, i talked about how it was educational, and talked about how the coped with 911, aids, lindsey's cousin death from seattle, kidney stones, and so on.

For my speech i did my informative speech on mtv in general. I needed a prop, so i blew up the mtv logo as big as a poster board, then turned it over.

Good luck, and if you need more ideas or help i can help you search.
oh my gosh YOU ROCK!!!

thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!
no problem. I love writing on the real world too.
lemme read it when your done!
yeah, i'd like to read it, too.